David Webber



I totally disagree with his selection for England because…………he isn’t English, or Scottish, or Welsh, or for that matter Irish.
No, he is yet another mercenary from South Africa (son of former SA wicket-keeper/batsman Ray Jennings) and his only connection with England is that he happens to have lived here for a couple of years…because he works here, as a cricketer for Durham (will he stay there?).
On that basis, why did Denis Bergkamp or Thierry Henry never play for England, or Philippe Sella or Michael Lynagh (who has lived and worked here for many years) or some of the countless Australians who ply their trade in the Rugby League?
This is getting completely out of hand, Nathan Hughes being yet another sad example.
Jennings’ selection means that a real (young) Englishman has been denied his chance to play for his country and may must be asking “why bother?”.
Ditto the young South African cricketers who must be asking why they, too, shouldn’t come over here to earn good money and, hey presto, I could end up as an England Test player.
And what happens if an Australian or Indian team comes along with a fat chequebook and says “forget Durham, they’re in the 2nd division now, come and earn loads of dosh with us”.
Before you know it he could end up playing for Australia, like Kepler Wessels did.
Sport is becoming ever more farcical and how much longer will fans accept this nonsense, which is debasing the entire concept of international competition?

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